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Kato Kratom


The Client

Kato is a success story based in Colorado. Before getting involved with Symmetry Design, Kato Kratom was just getting off the ground without a name, brand or marketing strategy.

The idea of the new business was conceived between two brothers who worked in construction, staying up long hours during the night to finish projects so that the businesses they were working on could function normally during the daytime.

The brothers used Kratom as a natural suppliment to keep themselves awake and focused while working at night. Kratom is used as a tea and is a popular drink in Indonesia among laborers to help boost their productivity. Their idea was to bring Kratom to Colorado.

About this project

This project began without an idea for a branding strategy or even a name. Symmetry helped brainstorm and come up with the name Kato Kratom.


The idea was that Kato could be used as a nickname for Kratom if the company was spread wide enough, just like “hoover” is used as a nickname for Vacuum cleaner.


We asked the brothers what they wanted their brand to convey, they told us that when a customer saw their brand, they would want the customer to see value, they wanted to convey a feeling like the brand was royal. We designed the logo around this idea, using reflective gold and elegant font.


The goal of the website is to sell Kratom. The website was designed and built within a month and we launched the business.


After designing the brand and the company, total sales have more than trippled.