Have you got 'Business Owner Burnout'? Take back your time and scale. - Symmetry Design
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Have you got ‘Business Owner Burnout’? Take back your time and scale.

solutions for overwhelmed business owner burnout

Have you got ‘Business Owner Burnout’? Take back your time and scale.

Are you an overwhelmed business owner who wants more time for yourself and at the same time, wants to scale? We understand the challenges you face. We help business owners find solutions through creating solid plans and systems. Whether you want to have more family time, more vacations, maybe you want to sell your business later, pass it on to your children, or duplicate its success, streamlining your workflow is key. You cannot expect to be happy or provide a smooth transition if you’re overworked and burdened by your processes. What worked when you were smaller may no longer be effective as you grow.

Before your workload becomes unbearable, revamp your process.

Here’s the solution to overcoming business owner burnout and achieving scalable growth:


It’s essential to recognize that in order to stay happy and motivated, you can’t be overwhelmed daily. One day, your business will transition beyond your direct control. You need to to ensure a successful handover and enable scalability, you must avoid shouldering the entire workload yourself.

Here’s how…

Start by listing all the tasks you currently perform, then divide them into tasks you enjoy and those you don’t. Delegate the tasks you dislike to your capable staff members. It’s common for business owners to hesitate when it comes to delegating specific tasks, fearing a potential decline in quality. However, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that your staff can excel at many of these tasks.

If necessary, consider hiring additional administrators or project managers or team leaders to support your growing workload. Remember, avoid micromanagement because it only adds stress for both you and your team. Trust your staff and you both will benefit.



As your business expands, automating your workflow and adopting a comprehensive Client/Employee Management system can save you significant time. This is a common solution that successful business owners employ to help lessen the workload on themselves and employees.

We build these systems and can customize them based on your workflow. Let’s explore some of the capabilities that these system we can offer:

  • Automated follow-ups
    Automate follow up emails for unpaid invoices and lead generation.
  • Automated Documents
    Create contracts, estimates, and invoices using templates and automatically deliver these docs to customers.
  • Subscriptions and Payment Management
    Automated payment gateways and collection for subscriptions maintenance services and automated customer email notifications for upcoming maintenance.
  • Employee Schedules
    Organize schedules through a built-in calendar that can be synced with Google Calendar.
  • Project Management
    Put all of your project tasks and communication all in one place. Keep track of project documents which are accessible to both you and your customers through a shared dashboard.
  • Task Lists 
    General and project task lists enable easy tracking of assignments and allows customers to monitor project progress.
  • Automatically Notify Your Team
    Automatic updates on task completion and automatic notices sent to employees when tasks are not finished.
  • Simplified Expense and Payroll Management
    Built-in spreadsheets an expense tracking make it easier to keep up with payroll and expenses.

Identify areas in your daily operations that can benefit from automation and we can customize the CRM system accordingly. By automating tasks, you’ll regain valuable time for more strategic business endeavors.

While we may not be aware of your specific time-consuming challenges, we can offer insights into common time-wasters. By embracing effective delegation and harnessing the power of automation through a comprehensive CRM system, you can overcome these challenges and achieve business scalability. It’s time to take control of your time and propel your business to new heights.

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